The Service that will keep your revenue stream going when ICD10 is implemented - if you are stuck with ICD9!!!


ICD9CodeUp will enable you to use your current EMR/Billing System  and ICD9 codes AND be able to bill using ICD10 codes AND continue to get PAID!


 Are you stuck with ICD9 Codes?

No migration path to ICD10 in your current system?

Don’t want to invest in an ICD10 Upgrade right now?

Have only a few more years in practice and want to ride out your current EMR/Billing system?

Have a niche application that is not easily updated?

Can’t afford a system upgrade?

Need to keep your current system in order to appreciate a return on investment?

Not sure your current vendor will be ready for ICD10 in time for you to be able to switch over?

Need to buy some time before making important future system changes or investments?



Put off costly system and software upgrades....

Buy time in order to make better decisions about future software investments.....

Continue to maximize your investment in your current billing system...

Continue your operations without costly time and cash flow interruptions...

No costly learning curve and no loss of generated income...

No investment in new software or hardware....

Keep doing what you do best - practicing medicine....


Medicare and Others will begin ICD10 testing in March 2015.   We can get you tested  and approved so that your revenue stream will continue after 10/01/2015!

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You can contact us by e-mail at: rjolda@pdmg.com or by phone at:  508.949.2577 or 774.280.0047.

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