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eppili - Delivering secure PMP reports.                              We - are the only ones - to Deliver!!!




--> Utilize up to date information delivered securely in a HIPAA compliant manner to the prescriber at the point of care  - when the information is most needed.

--> Runs parallel with your existing EMR - NO costs of integration

--> Does NOT Require any EMR.  No software to install.

--> Data reports delivered securely DIRECTLY to provider.

--> Submit multiple patients and get their reports back automatically -  can have daily PMP reports on all of your scheduled patients!

--> Address the needs of a hidden subset of your patient practice!

--> Reduce your frustration about prescribing scheduled drugs!

--> Become a full and proactive participant in reducing the opioid epidemic!

--> See FAQ page for advance information on eppili


Contact Dr. Ron Jolda at 774.280.0047 if you have questions,



Contact Dr. Ron Jolda for more information - 774-280-0047.

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