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“Doctor Prescribed Solutions”


Below is an overview of the services and solutions Professional Data Management Group, Inc. provides. At Professional Data Management Group, Inc., we have been serving the Medical Profession with advanced products since 1986.


ICD9CodeUp Service

Enables ICD9 billing systems to translate to ICD10 codes for Insurance billing. This is a service which requires no software or hardware purchase and requires no modification of your current billing system.  This service enables entities to continue using their current ICD9 billing system and translate their billing codes to ICD10 codes for billing purposes.


Advantage Billing Medical System with Electronic X12 Data interchange -

This is a full featured Medical Office Billing system. This has an integrated Electronic Claim submission package for Institutional and Provider claims.  RHC ( Rural Health Centers) are supported.

SSA - ERE Connect and CE Report Generator


THE ONLY -  Connector for Social Security Consultative Examiners and the SSA ERE Web site. This software package allows for fully automated interaction with the secure SSA ERE web site for providers to download supporting documents for scheduled cases as well as to automatically upload completed CE reports to the SSA ERE web site.  We also have a CE report generator which can be used to generate Medical or Psych CE reports.  This is fully integrated with the automatic SSA ERE web site interaction.

ANSI X-12 EDI  -

ANSI X-12 EDI components for Professional and Institutional Providers. We provide software for building and submitting 837 Professional and Institutional Claims.



Contact Dr. Ron Jolda for more information - 774-280-0047.

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