About "eppili" - emr extender for PDMP and Third Party PDMP Reports

  • PDMG,Inc. eppili can now integrate with YOUR EMR or Pharmacy billing system to get you PDMP or Third Party PDMP Reports.
  • eppili provides a secure gateway for PDMP or Third Party PDMP reports.
  • Third Party PDMP reports automatically provide PDMP data across many states as opposed to your state PDMP.
  • Virginia is paying for NarxCare  reports for all prescribers for 2017 and 2018.  State PDMP reports have no access charges.
  • Don't fly blind - don't risk your medical license and future revenue - get vital information immediately!
  • PDMP Query - It's the LAW!!!


1. Run a BATCH PDMP Query for all the patients on your schedule the evening prior.  Takes about 5 minutes to query for 25 patients.

2. The Provider will be able to then review the patients on the schedule with their NarxScores - this entire report can be viewed or printed.

==>Provider can review this report the evening before, the morning of or during the day.   The NarxScores give the provider a heads up prior to seeing the patient and may prompt further review prior to patient encounter.  The patient's individual PDMP or NarxCare report can be viewed by the provider on line from the report - this can be viewed from any device that the provider has a secure login.  This device can be a computer - Windows, Mac or Linux - or even be a tablet or cell phone - Android or IPhone.  This allowsthe provider to securely review data  at any time and from any location. 

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