PMDG, Inc. was founded in 1986 to provide advanced technology and information management for medical providers. PDMG has worked to create new and efficient processes for providers.  It is only through efficient processes that true gains in Cost and Quality can be achieved.

PDMG, Inc. has developed a full range of medical products from Medical Office Management Systems, HIPAA compliant Electronic Billing (EDI)  and EMRs. PDMG has also developed specialized software for Social Security CE Providers - this software completely automates interactions with the secure SSA ERE (Electronic Records Express) web site.

PDMG, Inc. has been involved with EDI and Medical Software development for over 30 years and we have extensive experience in  ANSI X-12 transaction processing, as well as Medicare, Anthem and Maine Medicaid EDI services. We have extensive experience with integrating systems and data transfer.

PDMG, Inc. focuses on the needs of working health care providers and we develop provider centric solutions.

At PDMG, Inc. we focus on solving YOUR PROBLEMS so that you can manage your information - with less headaches and less work.