State PDMP reports are a list of prescriptions with associated information.  You get what you need.

But wait - there is MUCH MORE information hidden within that data - VISUAL REPORT DATA!!!!

NarxCare Reports: Visual Data Representation.

This is the VISUAL HEADER information from a  NarxCare Report:


The Visual graphic shows the prescriptions over time - remember - TODAY is at the LEFT and the PAST goes to the RIGHT.  This is a visual representation of the list of Prescribed drugs for the patient. 

But Wait - this is where the NarxCare report really shines!  Look at the buttons to the right of "RX GRAPH" - Narcotic - Sedative - Stimulant - Other.   They are all checked which means that all of the items are displayed in the middle section.  You can display any item or combination of items.   Remember: OTHER = Gabapentin ( Always displays as gray).  Also, darker colors, mean overlapping prescriptions for all groups!

Next, we have sedatives only.  

Now, we have Sedatives and Gabapentin.

The real beauty is that you can go to the visual graph, highlight a time and see exactly what was prescribed at that time!

I find that the Visual Data representation and the ability to select out the different classes of meds and the ability to see exactly what is being prescribed and by whom at any point in time gives me much more insight about the patient's problem and treatment strategies that have been employed.  This detailed information helps set me on the right track to manage the patient correctly!
You get the Graphic Data Representation and NARX SCORES  - only with NarxCare Reports.  

NEXT TIME:  NarxCare Reports: NARX SCORES!  
PDMP Query- it's the Law!


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