Narx Scores - case #3!

Narx Scores - case #3!

How Narx Scores can help you :

Case #3 is a patient who a working diagnosis of Lumbar Radiculopathy. Patient had to be managed with opioids for thier pain which kept them from functioning.  Patient had a long interval between clinical diagnosis and surgical treatment.  Patient was scheduled for surgical decompression in late August.  There were a few spikes in her need for pain relief.  You can see her Narcotic score = 400 and sedative score = 170.  You can see how opioids can cross over to the Sedative score although no sedatives were prescribed.  You can see ADDITIONAL RISK INDICATORS on the right as well. 

 Below is the list of her prescriptions.  She required substantial doses of hydrocodone 10 mg for pain relief while surgery was being arranged.

Again, I find that the VISUAL Presentation is a better representation of timelines for understanding this case.

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