NarxCare Reports - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.....

NarxCare Reports:  The GOOD, The BAD and the UGLY!

The GOOD: NarxCare Reports  - they are really slick - I am not saying that just because they are but because they represent the data VISUALLY and in MULTIPLE ways.

The BAD: You have to send a lot more information about the patient - their address, their phone number, etc.  That isn't really bad, but your EMR has to fetch and package the data and send it to get the report - on the GOOD side, this information helps to get the correct patient 99% of the time!

The UGLY: NarxCare Reports really has worked hard and cleaned up a lot of the Ugly parts and polished it up a lot from its inception. I have to say - there really aren't any UGLY parts remaining!   Maybe a few "gotchas".   For me as an engineer and a physician, time lines start from the left and extend forward in time to the right.  Narxcare reports visual time lines have TODAY ( starting time ) on the LEFT and time goes BACKWARDS as you move to the right - not a big issue, just have to understand that that is how the diplay works! 

I find that the Visual representation of the Data ( which is also presented in the same format as the State PDMP report) gives me an insight into the patient's diagnosis, prognosis and how to approach the patient.  I'll present some Visual data and you can follow along.....: 
First  - here is the raw data.  You will see this pretty much the same in either the State PDMP report or NarxCare :

NarxCare Report Graphics:

NEXT TIME:  NarxCare Reports: Visual Data Representation!
Check your PDMP Query  - it's the Law.



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