Narx Scores - case #5

Narx Scores - case #5!

How Narx Scores can help you :

Case #5 is a patient who  came to us for treatment of other medical issues.  
Patient had been treated with Gabapentin and a short course of Opiods about 6 months ago.
Really, nothing to write home about.

Here is the list of prescriptions.  
Notice the Lomotil ( diphenoxylate-atropine) listed inthe PDMP!

 It is interesting what we are seeing in the PDMP meds - Lomotil, Testosterone, Robaxin - these can be labeled "drugs of interest" by states and thus submission to the PDMP required.
Notice that Lomotil has no Daily Dose of MMEs. 

PDMP Query - it's the Law!


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