Narx Scores - what they mean.....

NarxCare Reports: NARX SCORES!

Today we are going to talk about NARX SCORES:

When I first saw this I went crazy - wow - a number that I can use and quote to help show that I did my homework.   The OVERDOSE RISK SCORE!  WOW!

We have 3 numbers for Scores as well as the Composite Overdose Risk Score:

I was fortunate to have Ken Cassell of Appriss give us some insight into these Narx Scores  at the 2018 April VOMA convention in Williamsburg, VA.  
Ken indicated that these scores are EVOLVING  - that is true, we have only 2 - 3 years of data that is being analyzed since states moved to Appriss platform.  
The scores are rated based on historical prescription records over the past 2 years.  Generally as a ballpark figure, any score less than 500 is less worrysome than a score greater than 500. 
The Narcotic, Sedative and Stimulant scores are rated on prescription data in the record.

BUT THE OVERDOSE RISK SCORE is the overall number I want to use to help me make a better decision.
Bottom line - It is not that helpful yet.  BUT IT WILL BE!

And there is MORE:

APPRISS is working to gather information from ER's about Overdoses, from court systems about substance abuse violations and from other sources to really make the OVERDOSE RISK SCORE something useful.  It will be far more than a composite of the other 3 NARX Scores.  IT is NOT THERE YET so don't hang your hat on it - but my guess is that it will evolve over the next few years to something quite useful!   It may even become a single number that we can quote to justify our prescribing - or not prescribing - for the individual patient!

For a more detailed explanation of Narx Scores - go to page 4 of this report:

This is the VISUAL HEADER information from a  NarxCare Report:


I will have lots more to say about visual headers, what information they display and how they can be used to drill down for deeper detail.


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