Narx Scores .....Case 1

Narx Scores - case #1!

How Narx Scores can help you :

Case #1 is a chronic pain patient - treated intermittently with Gabapentin ( gray) starting 1 year back.  The patient was most consistently given Gabapenin ( gray).  The patient received a few intermittent opioid prescriptions (red) over the past year but nothing consistently.  Finally, the patient was treated with buprenorphine ( purple).
Note the OVERDOSE RISK SCORE = 510.  Also note the ADDITIONAL RISK INDICATORS - more than 5 opioid/sedative prescribers in any year!   
Here is the actual list of prescriptions that the patient has received:

I find that the VISUAL Presentation is a better representation of timelines for understanding this case.
NEXT TIME:  Interpreting Narx Scores and visual Data -some cases!  

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