Narx Scores ... case #2

Narx Scores - case #2!

How Narx Scores can help you :

Case #2 is a patient who had ADD-  initially he was treated with opioids 1 year out- reason is unclear ( red)  - this was actually methadone treatment when you look at his list of meds. 

Patient has received multiple gabapentin( gray) prescriptions along the way.

Patient actually needed anxiety management and clonazepam was initated. 

Patient was finally treated for ADHD with Adderall just over two months ago (green). 

Patient is doing very well with Adderall for management of ADHD and clonazepam for background anxiety management.   Patient is back to being successfully employed full time in a stressful environment and is doing well!


Here is the actual list of prescriptions that the patient has received:

You can see multiple prescriptions for testosterone - patient testosterone was stopped and his testosterone levels are normal. 

Again, I find that the VISUAL Presentation is a better representation of timelines for understanding this case.

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