Narx Scores - case #6!

Narx Scores - case #6!

How Narx Scores can help you :

Case #6 is a patient who  came to us for treatment of anxiety. Patient did disclose prior treatment with suboxone.  

This is what it looks like.  NarxCare Reports have added another category for Buprenorphine and a graph as well - PURPLE.   Prior to this, it was mixed in with opiods giving substantial MME scores!  Some downright frightful!   Now, it is much better in the new format with Buprenorphine broken out.  Be mindful, METHADONE MAY NOT show up on PDMP reports and MME scores!  Methadone is an older drug and not dispensed by pharmacies and thus seems to evade formal reporting. Suboxone is reported. 

This patient was treated for anxiety after certain conditions were met.  You can see that the patient had multiple Prescribers (4) and multiple pharmacies (3). 

Here is the list of prescriptions.  


Note the Daily Dose listings for Suboxone/Buprenorphine - they are in mg(milligrams).  Notice also the listing for benzodiazepines is in LME and not MME.

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