Narx Scores - case #7

Narx Scores - case #7!

Mans Best Friend - and well taken care of best friend!!! :

Case #7 is a patient who  has been treated for substance abuse and is in recovery for several years.  This patient presented for help with her Behavioral Health issues and Primary Care.  

I queried the PDMP -  because the patient had received Phentermine from a previous provider and I wanted to see the current status - this is a partial list of the PDMP for the patient . 
It is very interesting that the 2 (two) Tramadol Prescriptions were prescribed by a Veterarian!
I questioned the patient about the Tramadol and the patient stated "the veterenarian gives Tramadol for my dog - a 13 y.o. dog with bad knees".   I asked the patient how the dog does with Tramadol 4 times per day.  "The dog does very well getting around and walking when he takes the Tramadol."  You can see that the Tramadol is a 30 day supply of 120 tabs with a refill.   

Here is the list of prescribers - Redacted but I highlighted the Credentials of the prescriber for the two highlighted Tramadol Prescriptions.  

The patient is still picking up phentermine  prescribed by another physician.

As a side note, when visiting our son, their dog had just had a small surgical procedure.  They were giving their puppy some pain reliever during the daytime but I noticed that the puppy had been rescribed Gabapentin 100 mg at hs ( 21 units).  I asked my son how the dog liked the gabapentin. His response - "she seems to really like it- she goes right out after I give it to her and she sleeps so sweetly".  Interesting!

Personally, I was a little taken aback by the amount of prescription medication including chronic pain management is dispensed to pets by veterinarians.  I am curious to know the effect of Tramadol 50 mg qid for a medium sized dog.   I wonder if the veterenarians maintain functional assessments/capabilities  for the animals getting treated with scheduled drugs?  

PDMP Query - it's the Law!


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