Narx Scores - NarxCare Enterprise

Narx Scores - NarxCare Enterprise

NarxCare Enterprise – Virginia PDMP Announcement

This was a January 2019 Virginia PDMP announcement:

In July 2018, the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) implemented NarxCare Enterprise in conjunction with the Commonwealth's efforts to combat the opioid crisis.  NarxCare is a comprehensive substance use disorder platform with powerful analytics and clinical resources that is available within the PMP portal; it can also be integrated into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Pharmacy Software Application (PSA) workflow.

The benefit of integration of PMP data within a healthcare provider’s clinical workflow is well documented.  In addition to the routine PMP report, NarxCare Enterprise provides both risk assessment tools and patient education resources.  It also allows the PMP to include other state data sets as permitted by law, which further informs treatment and dispensing decisions. 

NarxCare Enterprise is the platform for Virginia’s PMP now and into the future; it is not temporary or attached to grant funding. Because it is a statewide initiative, individual integration costs are relatively low:  Approximately $120 per year per pharmacy or $50 per year per prescriber. 

If your health system, practice or pharmacy is not already integrated and you would like more information on becoming integrated with Virginia’s preferred integration platform, NarxCare Enterprise, please follow this link and more information will be provided:


If you want to connect to the NarxCare Enterprise and you do not have a path forward or the costs of your EMR software revisions are too high, PDMG, Inc. can get you connected - without EMR software changes - within 7 days.

Additionally, if you work in multiple locations and some have NarxCare Enterprise and some do not, we can help you get your additional sites EMRs connected so that you can utilize your prescriber account anywhere and continue to get quick access to the critical NarxCare Enterprise information. 

NEXT TIME:  Providers becoming Proactive on the Opioid Epidemic 

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