PDMP Basic Queries - Virginia - but for most states


How to do a PDMP query - for most State PDMPs.

Most of us prescribers delegate the "back office work" to our delegates.  They push the buttons and enter the data... and give us the PDMP report.

But wait - you can do it yourself - here's how....

First you need to log onto your state PDMP - you will use your credentials to log on.
You will then need to select Rx Search - Patient Request .
Our page in Virginia ( Appriss -Awarxe platform) looks like this:
 search page blank


You need to ENTER:  First Name, Last Name, DOB then click "I Agree..." and press SEARCH:  (those are the Required fields - more is NOT BETTER)

 search page data

Here is the rest of the page:

That is all that you have to do for a Patient Search.

If it does NOT find the patient, then you will get a BLANK search page with a message at the top.

If it DOES find a patient, the results will be displayed for you!

NEXT TIME:   Partial searches and how they can help you!!!

PDMP Query - It's the LAW.


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