NarxCare Reports - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly.....

NarxCare Reports:  The GOOD, The BAD and the UGLY!

The GOOD: NarxCare Reports  - they are really slick - I am not saying that just because they are but because they represent the data VISUALLY and in MULTIPLE ways.

The BAD: You have to send a lot more information about the patient - their address, their phone number, etc.  That isn't really bad, but your EMR has to fetch and package the data and send it to get the report - on the GOOD side, this information helps to get the correct patient 99% of the time!

The UGLY: NarxCare Reports really has worked hard and cleaned up a lot of the Ugly parts and polished it up a lot from its inception. I have to say - there really aren't any UGLY parts remaining!   Maybe a few "gotchas".   For me as an engineer and a physician, time lines start from the left and extend forward in time to the right.  Narxcare reports visual time lines have TODAY ( starting time ) on the LEFT and time goes BACKWARDS as you move to the right - not a big issue, just have to understand that that is how the diplay works! 

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