PDMP Queries - NarxCare vs VA State PDMP!

PDMP Information  for prescribers.....  We have been working with NarxCare (ApprissHealth) Reports over the past several months!

Basic Comparison of NarxCare Reports and Virginia PDMP.

Turn around time: 1. Narxcare Reports = about 10 seconds; 2. Virginia PDMP = about 45 seconds. 

NarxCare reports are blazing fast!.  Easy to accomplish at the point of care.   Virginia PDMP take much more time and are slower.  They are more cumbersome to use at the point of care but are certainly Do-Able. We have automated provider access to the PDMP and it is performed with the click of a button - fields are typed
automatically for provider with data from EMR.  Still SLOW but useable.

Return Report Patient Search Accuracy:

1. Narxcare Reports = 99%;   

2. Virginia PDMP = 95%. 

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