Narx Scores - case #4!

 Narx Scores - case #4!

How Narx Scores can help you :

Case #4 is a patient who  came to us for treatment of other medical issues. They are managed for pain by other providers.  Patient also wanted benzodiazepines.  
First note OVERDOSE RISK SCORE = 550 and Narcotic score = 411.  Additional risk factors noted.
Would you venture in to the realm of prescribing benzodiazepines?

 Here is a list of the patient's Meds from PDMP:
First, note that the other prescriber had given the patient NARCAN.  Good going!
Patient is receiving Oxycodone and Gabapentin and has Narcan on hand.

Patient's request for benzodiazepines was not a good idea.  Patient is on 60 MME per day and benzodiazepines would provide additive sedation.  Patient has Narcan on hand and hopefully patient has someone who is always present and educated on the proper use of Narcan.  

Benzodiazepines could be justified under the proper circumstances with the proper consent of patient and education of patient and attendant family.  Documenting all of the factors that go into your prescribing decisions needs to be written in the medical record ( not just in your head).  

My legal team tells me "please put your thinking in words - in the medical record - that way, we have something to plan your defense on..."   

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