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Yes, eppili is available now.  eppili can be integrated with any EMR products to obtain State PMP reports.  Where available, eppili  can provide access to Third Party PDMP reports such as NarxCare reports.    eppili can be used to facilitate bulk queries as well as ad hoc queries. 

eppili is a secure subscription service based on individual registered prescribers.  We charge a single monthly fee for each querying DEA number.  The registered prescriber maybe able to  appoint delegates to run queries if permitted by their state PDMP.

Yes, querying prescribers will have to be registered with their state PDMP and have valid accounts.  For Third Party PDMP Reports, prescribers will have to be registered with their state PDMP and with the Third Party PMP Agencies.  At this time, there are only 7 states which provide access to Third Party PDMP reports.

Yes, you will be able to submit bulk queries AND have the report links returned to you - they can be arranged alphabetically or according to scheduled time to make access easier at the point of encounter.     

eppili emr extender can allow registered prescribers to obtain individual State PDMP or Third Party PDMP Reports through their EMR at the time of service.    eppili can be set up to query all patients on the schedule.  Then only the necessary PDMP Reports can be accessed by the registered prescriber. Also, NarxCare queries through a 3rd party vendor, can allow for viewing of proprietary NarxCare scores without having to view the PDMP report.  e.g. eppili digital delegate can be set up in batch mode to query all of the patients on the schedule and provide preliminary information without having to access the PDMP report itself.  


Your staff  does not have to  print PDMP reports.   The prescriber can view them on line at any time.  The delegates may print reports if given these privileges by the prescriber.

State laws regulate the use of PDMP reports.   The prescriber however could place a notation in the EMR that the PDMP report was viewed and possibly comments regarding information which may have been utilized in constructing your prescribing decisions.